formwork&scaffolding system

بدضعیفمتوسطخوبعالی (بدون رتبه)

I would like to inform you that the tajhizat sazeh iranian industrial group Iran to comply with
International standards We manufacture and export of equipment and molds for concrete
(formwork-scaffolding ) and Industrial metal structures and Special parts for industrial metal ,
Jackof construction, scaffolding , Hydraulic tunnel formwork (Dam ,Roads and highways,rail)
and Forms for precast concrete ,Templates dam, wafel formwork, kapluk scaffold,Templates
bridges , Construction of Pressure Vessels , Software formwork , plywood system, The new
system of formwork,…….. our company is the first exporter of the products listed in IranThe
series follows its readiness to cooperate with the attachment . we send another part of this
letter, it`s about production equipment list.

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