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Waste liquid, gas or vapor that results from petroleum and chemical processing.

Emergency Training and Response Action Centers. Two specially designed communications and emergency vehicles operated by the Red Cross and sponsored by Phillips. EmTRAC was developed after the Oklahoma City bombing to provide fast, mobile assistance in emergencies.

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Recovery of oil or gas from a reservoir by artificially maintaining or enhancing the reservoir pressure by injecting gas, water or other substances into the reservoir rock.

Basic chemical used in the manufacture of plastics (such as polyethylene), antifreeze and synthetic fibers.

Exploration Drilling
Drilling carried out to determine whether hydrocarbons are present in a particular area or structure.

Exploration License
A license to explore for oil or gas in a particular area issued to a company by the governing state.

Exploration Phase
The phase of operations in which a company searches for oil or gas by carrying out detailed geological and geophysical surveys, followed up where appropriate by exploratory drilling in the most promising places.

Exploration Rig
A structure used to carry the equipment needed for exploratory drilling. See semi-submersible rig.


Crude oil, natural gas liquids, natural gas or other materials used as raw ingredients for making gasoline, other refined products or chemicals.

A geographical area under which a producing or prospective oil and/or natural gas reservoir lies.

Field Potential
Estimate of the producing capacity of a field during a 24-hour period.

An open flame used to burn off unwanted natural gas.

Flare Stack
The steel structure on an offshore rig or at a processing facility from which gas is flared.

Floating production, storage and offloading facility.

Fractionating Column
A tall tower, fitted with perforated trays, in which fractional distillation of crude oil or its products is carried out.

The process for breaking natural gas liquids into component parts — methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane and heavier hydrocarbons.

Fuel Oils
The heavy distillates from the oil refining process that are used primarily for heating, for fueling industrial processes, for fueling locomotives and ships, and for fueling power generation systems.


Gas Field
A field containing natural gas but no oil.

Gas Injection
An enhanced recovery technique in which natural gas is injected under pressure into a producing reservoir through an injection well to drive oil to the well bore and the surface.

The light fuel used to spark ignition engines in cars, motorcycles, etc. Modern gasolines are blends of petroleum liquids that are produced in several different processes and which generally contain additives. Sold under the Phillips 66 brand at more than 6,000 stations in 28 states.

Gathering Lines, Systems
The piping networks installed in oil or gas fields to transport petroleum to a processing plant or bulk shipping point.

Global Warming
A rise in the average global temperature. There is general agreement in the scientific community that average global temperatures have risen about one degree Fahrenheit during the past century. Phillips supports taking actions now that make good environmental and economic sense in their own right — such as energy conservation and improved efficiency. The company also supports further work to improve our understanding of the impact of human activity on climate.

A scraper that is run through the pipeline to clear out loose objects and clean the wall of the line. See pig. Goals
Phillips’ corporate goals are: a total annual return of 15 percent on a 5-year rolling average; quality products, superior services and innovative solutions for our customers; and opportunity, development and recognition for our employees. See mission, values.


High-density polyethylene. Used in the manufacture of plastic items such as plastic pipe, grocery bags, water coolers and milk bottles.

Heavy Bottoms
Thick, black substances that remain in refinery stills after all lighter fractions have been processed out of the feedstock.

Heavy Crude
Crude oil of 20-degree API gravity or less; often very thick and viscous.

A petroleum liquid found in small amounts in condensates; one of the components of natural gasoline.

A key feedstock in the manufacture of many high-density and linear low-density polyethylene resins, which are used to make food and drink containers, trash bags, plastic pipe and other consumer products.

Horizontal Drilling
The technique for cutting a hole in geological strata in a horizontal, rather than the normal vertical, direction.

Organic chemical compounds of hydrogen and carbon atoms that form the basis of all petroleum products. They may exist as solids, liquids or gases.

A refinery process to remove sulfur and nitrogen from crude oil and other feedstocks.

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