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Tail Gas
A sulfur recovery unit’s residue gas; any processing unit’s gaseous exhaust that is treated as residue.

Tank Farm
A number of petroleum tanks that are operated together as a depot in oil storage and distribution activities.

Abbreviation for Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the line from Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope to the terminal port of Valdez on the south coast of Alaska. Phillips owns a 23.7 percent interest.

Tension-leg Platform
A floating offshore structure held in position by a number of tension-maintaining cables anchored to the seabed. The cables dampen wave action to keep the platform stationary.

Plant and equipment designed to receive and process crude oil or gas to remove water and impurities.

Tertiary Recovery
The third major phase of recovery of oil or gas, the quantities recovered being over and beyond what could be produced by primary and secondary recovery technology; generally involves using sophisticated techniques such as heating the reservoir to reduce the viscosity of the oil.

Three-dimensional Seismic
Commonly shortened to 3-D seismic. Three-dimensional images created by bouncing sound waves off underground rock formations; used by oil companies to determine the best places to drill for hydrocarbons.

The average amount of raw material that is processed in a given period by a facility, such as a natural gas processing plant, an oil refinery or a petrochemical plant.

A key petrochemical and an organic solvent; along with xylene, a key component in unleaded gasoline.

2,000 pounds in the United States; in the United Kingdom, a long ton is 2,240 pounds; a metric ton equals 2,000 kilograms. In most countries, oil and petroleum products are sold by weight instead of liquids quantities, e.g. a ton of oil is the equivalent of 6.8 to 8.5 barrels of oil, depending on temperature, specific gravity and other physical factors.

Total Depth (TD)
Descriptive of a well reaching the intended depth.

A series of units that together accomplish a complex process.

The piping installed in wells for the production of oil and gas.

A piece of equipment in which a shaft is steadily rotated by the impact of a current of steam, air, water or other fluid directed from jets or nozzles upon blades of a wheel.

A period of brisk activity at a refinery or plant when processing units, or portions of them, are shut down for scheduled maintenance or the installation of new equipment and systems.


Unassociated Gas
Natural gas found in reservoirs that do not contain crude oil.

When owners of oil and/or gas reserves pool their individual interests in return for an interest in the overall unit, which is then operated by a single company on behalf of the group, thus increasing efficiency and profitability.

Oil and natural gas exploration and production activities; plus gas gathering, processing and marketing operations


A measure of the resistance that a fluid makes to motion or flow; it usually decreases as the temperature increases.


Water Injection
Method of enhanced recovery in which water is injected into an oil reservoir to increase pressure and maintain or improve oil production.

One method of secondary recovery in which water is injected into an oil reservoir to force additional oil out of the reservoir rock and into the well bore of producing wells.

A hole bored or drilled into the earth for the purpose of obtaining water, oil or gas, or other natural resources.

Well Bore
The hole in the rock made by the drill bit.

Well Completion
The techniques of preparing a newly drilled well for production.

Well Jacket
A protective structure built around an offshore well to keep boats or floating debris from damaging the wellhead.

The control equipment fitted to the top of a well casing, incorporating outlets, valves, blowout preventers, etc.

Wet Gas
Natural gas that contains large amounts of associated liquids..

An exploration well drilled in “unproven territory,” without direct evidence of the contents of the underlying rock structure.

Wildcat Appraisal Well
An appraisal well drilled with minimum preliminary information about the underlying structure and conditions; it usually follows a wildcat well that reported shows of oil or gas.

Working Interest
The operating interest in an oil and gas lease.

The process whereby a completed production well is subsequently re-entered and any necessary cleaning, repair and maintenance work done.


An aromatic hydrocarbon that is the basis for many petrochemicals; along with toluene, a key ingredient in unleaded gasoline.


The quantity of petroleum product derived from a process, based on the specific weights of raw materials.


An interval of a geological formation that contains one or more oil or gas reservoirs; a portion of a geological formation that has the porosity and permeability to form petroleum traps for oil and natural gas.

Zone of Cooperation
An area of the Timor Sea jointly administered by Australia and East Timor.

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