بدضعیفمتوسطخوبعالی (بدون رتبه)

Aftermarket Conversion
A standard, conventionally fueled, factory-produced vehicle to which equipment has been added that enables the vehicle to operate on an alternative fuel.

Alcohols (CH3-(CH2)n-OH)
The family name of a group of organic chemical compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The series of molecules vary in chain length and are composed of a hydrocarbon, plus a hydroxyl group (for example, methanol, ethanol, and tertiary butyl alcohol).

One of several families of compounds formed as products of incomplete combustion in engines using gasoline, methanol, ethanol, propane, or natural gas as fuels. As a general rule of thumb, the presence of methanol or methyl ethers in the fuel will lead to formaldehyde as the primary aldehyde in the exhaust, while ethanol or ethyl ethers will lead to acetaldehyde as the primary aldehyde in the exhaust. In both cases, other aldehydes are present, but in much smaller quantities. Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are toxic and possibly carcinogenic.

Alternative Fuel
As defined pursuant to the EPACT, methanol, denatured ethanol, and other alcohols, separately or in mixtures of 85 percent by volume or more (or other percentage not less than 70 as determined by DOE rule) with gasoline or other fuels, CNG, LNG, LPG, hydrogen, coal-derived liquid fuels, fuels other than alcohols derived from biological materials, electricity, or any other fuel determined to be substantially not petroleum and yielding substantial energy security benefits and substantial environmental benefits.

Alternative-Fueled Vehicle
A vehicle either designed and manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer or a converted vehicle designed to operate in either dual-fuel, flexible-fuel, or dedicated modes on fuels other than gasoline or diesel. This does not include a conventional vehicle that is limited to operation on blended or reformulated gasoline fuels.

Alternative-Fueled Vehicle Converter
An organization (including companies, government agencies, and utilities), or an individual who performs conversions involving alternative fueled vehicles. An AFV converter can convert (1) conventionally fueled vehicles to AFV’s, (2) AFV’s to conventionally fueled vehicles, or (3) AFV’s to another alternative fuel.

Bi-Fuel Vehicle
A vehicle with two separate fuel systems designed to run on either an alternative fuel or conventional fuel using only one fuel at a time.

Any liquid biofuel suitable as a diesel fuel substitute or diesel fuel additive or extender. A diesel substitute made from transesterification of oils of vegetables such as soybeans, rapeseed, or sunflowers (end product known as methyl ester) or from animal tallow (end product known as methyl tallowate). Biodiesel can also be made by transesterification of hydrocarbons produced by the Fisher-Tropsch process from agricultural byproducts such as rice hulls.

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