بدضعیفمتوسطخوبعالی (بدون رتبه)

Calibrate: To ascertain that the output of a device properly corresponds to the information it is measuring, receiving or transmitting. This might involve the location of scale graduations, adjustment to bring the output within specified tolerance or ascertaining the error by comparing the output to a reference standard.

Calibration: The process of adjusting an instrument or compiling a deviation chart so that its reading can be correlated to the actual values being measured.

Calibration curve: A graphical representation of the calibration report, which report can be in the form of a table or chart.

Calibration cycle: The application of known values of a measured variable and the recording of the corresponding output readings over the range of the instrument in both ascending and descending directions.

Calibration traceability: The relationship of the calibration process to the calibration steps performed by a national standardizing laboratory.

Capacitance: The capability of a device to store electric charge. The unit is the farad, which expresses the ratio of stored charge in coulombs to the impressed potential difference in volts.

Capacitor: A device designed to store electric charge. It usually consists of two conductors that are electrically isolated by a nonconductor (dielectric). The plates of a perfect capacitor are isolated by vacuum (dielectric constant of 1.0), in which case no current flows between the plates.

Common mode rejection: The ability of a circuit to discriminate against a common mode voltage.

Common mode voltage: A voltage of the same polarity on both sides of a differential input relative to ground.

Compensator: A device that eliminates the effect of an unmeasured variable or condition on the measurement of interest.

Compound detector: A detector whose measurement range extends both above and below zero.

Conductance; Conductivity: The reciprocal of resistance in a dc circuit is conductance. The unit is the mho. The unit of conductivity is cm-mho or cm/ohm.

Controller: A device that operates automatically to regulate a controlled variable.

Coulomb: The amount of electric charge transferred in one second by a current flow of one ampere.

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