بدضعیفمتوسطخوبعالی (بدون رتبه)

An Americanism meaning air receiver.

Thermal Load:
Compressor fires are not too common, however when a flammable substance burns in air, the nitrogen content is inert. Nitrogen makes up a large part of the overall content of air and will be heated up as a result of the combustion. The heat absorbed by the nitrogen reduces the overall temperature of the combustion and is called a thermal load.

A unit of pressure used with vacuum pumps, equal to 1mm of mercury and 133.32 Pascal’s.

Transportable Gas Container Regulations:
Now replaced by the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. Despite the title, for many years this regulation had nothing to do with transportable gas containers because the section which referred to gas containers was repealed shortly after the introduction of the Act. See Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.

An receptacle, open to atmosphere, that is used to used to collect condensate. For example, two or three drain pipes from various filters may be discharging into a funnel. In this case the funnel is a tundish.

Turbo Compressor:
A machine which uses an impeller to speed up the velocity of air. The air radially leaves the tips of an impeller at high speed and the speeding air is slowed down in a diffuser. This causes the velocity head to be converted into a static head.

TWA (8-hour Time Weighted Average):
The long term exposure limited for an 8 hour day. For example, the maximum daily exposure limit to mineral oil is 10 mg/cu.m.

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