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GAS ANALYSIS – The determination of the constituents of a gaseous mixture.

GAS BURNER – A burner that uses gas or fuel.

GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR – A spring loaded, dead weighted or pressure balanced device which will maintain the gas pressure to the burner supply line.

GAUGE COCK – A valve attached to a water column or drum for checking water level.

GAUGE GLASS – The transparent part of a water gauge assembly connected directly or through a water column to the boiler, below and above the water line, to indicate the water level in a boiler.

GAUGE PRESSURE – The pressure above atmospheric pressure.

GRADE – Oil classification according to quality, generally based on ASTM specifications.

GRAINS PER CU-FT – The term for expressing dust loading in weight per unit of gas volume (7000 grains equals one pound).

GRAINS (WATER) – A unit of measure commonly used in water analysis for the measurement of impurities in water (17.1 grains = 1 part per million – ppm).

GRAVITY – Weight index of fuels: liquid, petroleum products expressed either as specific, Baume or A.P.I. (American Petroleum Institute) gravity; weight index of gaseous fuels as specific gravity related to air under specified conditions; or weight index of solid fuels as specific gravity related to water under specified conditions.

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